Friday, June 26, 2009

SuGar n' Sp!cE and EvErYtH!ng N!cE.......

That's what little girls are made of......

Hi, I'm Kate,

and this is my new little sister Tessa!!!

She was born on Wednesday, June 24th 2009 at 1:34am.
She was 6lbs 5oz and 19 inches long.
She is oh so sweet and I love her!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008

So much to do this Halloween!

I love this month! It is so fun to get ready for the Halloween season! We had plenty to do this year! I was in charge of our Primary Halloween party and in all the preparations, I didn't make time to find myself a costume. Thanks to Lisa for the last minute, "non-costume" costume, it worked out great! This pumpkin costume has got to be the cutest pumpkin costume I have ever seen! Thanks to Lisa as well for letting us borrow this at the last minute (Kate's real Halloween costume wasn't complete yet, so we had to find something else in the meantime).

Utah girls are we!

This was Kate's first Ute football game. She has partially learned the fight song (thanks to Dad) and is ready for the next game! We have so much fun when we get the chance to go! Since both Jeremy and I graduated from the U, we are staying true to the U on the hill and passing the passion for Red down to Kate (much to my father-in-law's chagrin). In fact, we can no longer ask my in-laws to watch Kate while we go to a Ute game. Last time we did that, we went to a BYU v Utah game and when we got back to pick her up, right there on the front of her cute pink onesie was a big huge 'Y' in permanent blue marker, compliments of my Father-in-law! It was shocking, and then funny. Anyway, GO UTES!

So long to Summer!

It was a great summer! So sad to see it go, but bring on the next season!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

An 'A' for effort?

So, I'm sure that this happens in more than just our little household, at least I'm hoping it does (for my husband's sake). This morning I needed to leave the house a little early so I asked Jeremy to get Kate dressed for church...

Take 1
Kate comes out with one of her summer dresses on....never mind that there is a nice blanket of snow on the ground outside. I say, "Umm, try again." So they both walk back to her room...

Take 2
Much better this time, Kate comes out with a sweater, skirt and a pair of tights on. O.k., that's looking more like winter clothing...except, what's that around her ankles? As I examine a little closer I realize that Dad just hadn't pulled the tights up all the way and so she had elephant ankles (or as Kate called them, "bracelets on my ankles"). So I have her stand up on the bed so that I can pull them up and as I am doing that I think to myself, 'All of the tights that she has are from last winter, if anything these should be a little small'. Still a little puzzled, I start gathering the extra material from her ankles to pull it up towards her waist and the tights just keep on stretching and stretching. Now I'm thinking that something just isn't right, so I take them off of her to exam the darn things. Mystery solved...THESE ARE MY TIGHTS!!! I just start dying of laughter. Kate wants to know why I am laughing and I tell her 'Oh, just because your Dad is a little crazy.' She thinks that's funny and we have a good laugh together as I put the right size tights on her. By this time Jer has made his way into the shower and after I get her dressed she proceeds to the bathroom, throws open the shower curtain and says, "Dad, you are a little bit crazy!" Gotta love him for trying! (You might be wondering how my tights made it into the drawer with Kates tights in the first place...Here's the deal in our house, I wash and dry all the clothes and Jer folds and puts them away. He usually does this task while watching sports....enough said!)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

O.K., here I go...

So, I guess it's time to get busy and blog away. I kept saying that I would sit down to do this once the Primary Program was over and now that is behind me, thank goodness, so it's time to get busy. My problem is that I'm convinced our little life is pretty ordinary and there isn't much that's extremely exciting to write about. However, exciting or not, this is a great way to keep track of our lives so I've finally given in!
This weekend has been really great - I finally got a chance to go to the Farmer's Market up at Murray Park and it was so fun! Tons of great fruit and veggies - I was in heaven! Seriously, all of the stuff there looked so beautiful! I know it's stupid to rave about produce, but honestly, if you saw the way fruits and vegetables looked in Venezuela (minus the mangos on the trees) you would be raving, too! Anyway, I bought a bunch of peaches and made a peach pie today for the first time - crust and all! Sooooo great! I should have taken a picture! It even looked beautiful! Too bad peach season is so short!
Last night Jer and I went to his work party which was at the Grand America and it was pretty fun! There was a nice dinner, a really great live band and then they had half of the ballroom outfitted with casino tables that we could play at-not with real money of course-but I was loving that! They gave everyone 250 in chips and then you could trade your chips in at the end of the night for tickets to enter in a big drawing they had for pretty cool stuff. We had to bail before the drawing, but let me just say that playing Black Jack with zero pressure is the way to go! It was a fun night!